Where is Jerzy?
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In 1965 (...) I collected badges and plaques, wandering with club groups around the Beskids and the Karkonosze mountains. I also trained weightlifting at the "Szopienice" Metallurgy Sports Club. In powerlifting I even got a good result - 325 kilograms and I was to take part in the competition. I haven't started

I first touched rock on a Saturday afternoon, 4th September 1965. Since then nothing else has mattered. Brought to Podlesicie by a friend of mine, I saw 20-metre high limestone outcrops where people climbed even the vertical walls. I touched it, pulled myself up and felt that I could not only somehow keep my balance on the rock but also possibly conquer it. That was how I discovered for myself a completely new vertical world.

I assess the call to the army as a life defeat, detachment for two years from what has become sense and fullness of life for me, from the mountains.

When we are finally civilians again, we decide to do Kazalnica direttissima in winter. (...) In the middle of the second day of climbing, the icy rope causes Piotr Skorupa, who goes with me, to fall and die. For the first time in the mountains I come across a tragedy, the death of a Friend. Shock. I ask myself: is it worth it or does it make any sense? Dramatic dilemma, because the mountains are pulling, but common sense says: give it a rest ...

In 1972, at the central camp in the Dolomites, we do Janusz Skorek and Zbyszek Wach Torre Trieste direttissima and a new road to Cima del Bancon. While I used to read Dorawski's book "Man conquers the Himalayas" as if I was talking about mountains that were completely unreal to me, fantasy, now more and more bold thought appears that maybe someday I will also hit the highest mountains.