Jerzy Kukuczka Memorial Chamber is located in Istebna, in the hamlet of Wilcze. Here Jerzy Kukuczka stayed with his family, his sons and friends; it was here that he rested between his expeditions; here in silence and peace he worked on his books. He knew this region by heart, he spent his childhood there. Although he was born in Katowice, his roots come from here - from Istebna. After Jerzy's tragic death on the South Face of Lhotse, a lot of people interested in his figure began to visit this place. They took pictures and asked if they could hear or see anything about him.

Zdjęcie Jerzy Kukuczka z rodziną Zdjęcie Jerzy Kukuczka z synem Maćkiem Zdjęcie festiwal filmów górskich Zdjęcie uroczyste otwarcie Izby Pamięci

"Seven years after Jerzy's tragic death on the southern wall of Lhotse, I began to think about creating a place dedicated to his person, for young people, for schools under his name, for his enthusiasts and people who will never forget him. A place where I could tell his Himalayan history and show his memorabilia"

Cecylia Kukuczka

Zdjęcie Jerzego i Cecylii Kukuczków

"Currently in the Chamber Memory there are photos from his expeditions, some old climbing equipment, medals, decorations, books, and above all his spirit, his constant presence."

Zdjęcie sprzętu wspinaczkowego Jerzego Kukuczki Zdjęcie Chorągiewki z nazwami wszystkich 14 ośmiotysięczników. Zdjęcie raki używane przez Jerzego Kukuczke Zdjęcie czekan Jerzego Kukuczki z wyprawy na Lhotse 1979 r.

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