Climbing Mały Młynarz in Tatra Mountains.
Published: 11.07.2024
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    Climbing Mały Młynarz in Tatra Mountains.
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    Climbing in the Tatra Mountains in the 1960s and 1970s. Polish climbers, including Jerzy Kukuczka, gained experience in the Tatra Mountains, which was extremely important in conquering mountains around the world. Kukuczka often took part in ascents that were the first winter ascents of climbing routes on the Tatra peaks and marked new routes (e.g. the first winter ascent of Mały Młynarz Direttissima with Tadeusz Gibiński and Zbigniew Wach in 1972).
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    Tatras, Tatra Mountains, climbing
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    Diapositive 35 mm ORWOCHROM UT 18 II
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