Jerzy Kukuczka skiing in the Marmolada massif.
Published: 24.04.2024
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    Jerzy Kukuczka skiing in the Marmolada massif.
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    Winter competition camp in the Dolomites in 1973. The expedition was led by Janusz Kurczab and included: Jerzy Kukuczka, Marian Piekutowski, Zbigniew Wach and Janusz Skorek. The goal of the mountaineers was to follow the route of Philipp and Flamm on Monte Civetta, but eventually they decided to attack the southern face of Marmolada along the route called "Via dell'Ideale". On March 23, all team members reached the summit ridge of Punta Ombretta in the Marmolada massif, thus completing the first winter ascent of the "Via dell'Ideale" route and the fourth overall. This ascent received great publicity in the local mountaineering community and the Italian press.
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    Dolomites, 1973, Jerzy Kukuczka, skis, Marmolada
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    Diapositive 35 mm ORWOCHROM UT 18 II
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